WooCommerce Chained Products v2.9.3

Free Download nulled Pugin WooCommerce Chained Products v2.9.3

Offering a bundle of your products at a lucrative discount is the easiest method to great sales in any store – and research has proven this across a variety of businesses – physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

We have all picked up discounted bundles of products when we go grocery shopping. Even when we don’t want them; we have either bought bigger quantities or multiple product bundles.

How can Chained Products help sell product bundles?

Chained Products is the best WooCommerce extension to create pre-configured product bundles and offers. When someone buys your main product, they get all the “chained” products automatically. You can create a bundle of multiple simple or variable products and chain as many products together as you like. Or give additional products for free (as a gift) while purchasing a main product. You can even combine multiple chained products to create massive combo deals.

5 Steps to Creating Chained Products

Select the products you want to bundle together – higher quantities or multiple products

Discount the bundle – simple mental math should prove this is an irresistible offer

Describe the value – of buying this combo, the benefit customers will derive from it

Prominently showcase your bundle – and invite people to buy the bundle instead of single product

Create scarcity for extra impact – time, inventory or usage limit works great

Free Download nulled Pugin WooCommerce Chained Products v2.9.3

Always check the downloaded files!

WooCommerce Chained Products v2.9.3

Demo: noreferrer.org/?https://woocommerce.com/products/chained-products/


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