WP Content Crawler – Get content from almost any site, automatically! v1.10.0

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Get content from almost any site to your WordPress blog, automatically!


  • Create a personal site which collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place
  • Use it with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites
  • Collect products from affiliate programs to make money
  • Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme
  • Collect plugins, themes, apps, images from other sites to create a collection of them
  • Keep track of competitors
  • You can imagine anything. The internet is full of contents


Save every post detail
Title, excerpt, content, tags, categories, slug, date, custom meta, taxonomies, meta keywords, meta description, featured image, post images, status… Just everything.
Visual selector (visual inspector)
Just click to an element to find its CSS selector. You can also get alternative CSS selectors that you might be interested in. There is no need to leave your admin panel anymore.
Crawl (scrape, grab, save) posts
After the settings are configured, the plugin finds URLs of the posts and crawls them automatically in the background.
Recrawl (update) posts
Recrawl posts automatically to keep them updated all the time. You can limit how many times a post can be updated, set update interval, and ignore old posts.
Delete posts
You want to delete old crawled posts? The plugin can delete them automatically.

Control scheduling
You can set how many times URL collection and post crawling events should run each time for a site. For instance, you can save 3 posts every minute, or run URL collection 5 times every 2 minutes.

Save categories
The target category does not exist in your site? No problem. The plugin can create the target categories for you. Just define the CSS selectors that find category names. They can even be created as subcategories.
Save slugs (permalink)
You can define the permalink of the posts. You can get the permalink from the target site, enter custom text, and even create templates for the slugs by using short codes.
Save taxonomies
Save taxonomy values by retrieving them from the target site or entering manually. Saving details of custom post types is easier than ever.

Save posts into custom categories
A custom post type has custom categories? No problem. You can define custom category taxonomies used by the custom post type and select those categories when defining the categories of the post. The plugin can also create custom categories for you.

Custom post meta
Save anything as custom post meta. You can use a CSS selector or just type the value.

Content templates
Prepare post content, title, excerpt, list item and gallery item templates using short codes. Moreover, you can define templates for values of each CSS selector using the options box.

Alternative selectors
You can write alternative selectors to get the data even if the target site has post pages designed …

Free Download nulled Plugin WP Content Crawler – Get Content From Almost Any Site, Automatically! 1.9.0

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