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Free Download nulled Xenforo 2 xenforo 2.1.3 Nulled.zip v2.1.3 Nulled

Some of the changes in XF 2.1.3 include:

Don’t log when a push notification hits a 406 error as this is a temporary rate limiting issue.

Update the Microsoft connected account explain text to point to the new Azure app registration portal.

When logging a visitor out, pass the Clear-Site-Data header to ensure that cached content which may not ordinarily be visible by the next visitor, or a guest, remains not visible. (Thanks @Steffen)

Fix the TagContent.AddUser relation.

Support a “default” value for numberbox elements that isn’t overridden by the “min” value particularly important for custom field values.

Set appropriate content type for connected_account.php output.

Update “Review” phrase on the file health check list to “Results” to avoid potential multi-lingual ambiguity.

If a numberbox step attribute is set to “any” the stepUp/stepDown built-in methods stop working so fallback to our own code.

When the Import CLI command is complete, add a note about being able to run the import-finalize command.

Ensure the login form, particularly when it errors, maintains its redirect URL.

If setting values in the Schema Manager, set any existing length value to null.

Rename Templater::fn function to Templater::func. Templater::fn remains but will be removed in the near future.

Hide active/expired upgrades if their parent upgrade has been deleted in more cases.

Update wording from EmojiOne to JoyPixels. Also update emoji artwork to JoyPixels v5.0.

If a webhook signing signature is not entered, skip verifying the provided signature.

Add missing ‘poll’ content type.

Update to Froala 2.9.5 to fix an IE11 compatibility issue.

For new upgrades from XF 2.0 to 2.1, ensure the trophy phrases are updated to reflect the new reactions system.

When starting a new conversation or adding users to an existing conversation, make it more clear if there are recipient limits in place.

Fix API doc typo.

No longer set a default alt value when inserting an image into the editor.

Bail out of updating user trophies earlier if a trophy has already been awarded.

When escaping JSON strings, ensure the tab character is converted to ‘t’.

When inserting a quote into the editor, before attempting to focus the editor, scroll the container into view first.

Ensure the lastPageLinks option is passed in to the conversation list too.

Suppress a browser console error if the canvas operations to draw over a favicon image fail.

Override some inconsistent Froala styling.

Add a new config key serviceUnavailableCode (defaults to 503) which represents the response code returned when parts of the site are unavailable.

Remove superfluous tooltip from cookie notice approve button.

Force payment provider log messages to their max length.

When displaying the users who reacted to content, ensure we fetch all required data up-front.

Revert a change from XF 2.1.2 which affected the read/unread appearance of conversation messages.

Ensure the date of birth can be changed on a user’s profile until it has been fully completed before it is locked.

Update language title Azeri to Azerbaijani.

Display a more accurate summary of the count of active/expired upgrades on the user upgrades list.

Prevent an error in payment.js if a Stripe iframe is missing a name attribute.

Prevent double escaping of thread prefixes in post reports.

Allow error and payment provider logs to be sorte…

Free Download nulled Xenforo 2 xenforo 2.1.3 Nulled.zip v2.1.3 Nulled

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